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Freshly plucked Garcinia Indica fruits viz. Kokam or Ratamba as well known locally are plucked and thoroughly cleaned. Kokam fruits seeds are separated from the top cover pulp, which is then sun dried for 3 days using local traditional techniques .The seeds are squeezed & strained to extract the pink colour liquid call “foot”/फूट in local language, to which local rock salt is mixed in proportion.The semi-dried kokam peels are mixed in the extracted “foot” liquid for 2-3 times & again kept for drying. The process continues for around 4-5 days till the peels pulp absorbs all the liquid extracts & is dried.Thus the “Aamsul” or dry kokam pulp is ready.

For the making of “Kokam Kadhi” or “Goan Solkadhi”, these dry Aamsul are soaked in lukewarm water for a few minutes & concentrated liquid be squeezed from them. Garlic, Chillies, Ginger, Curry leaves, Coriander leaves, Cummin can be sauted in oil. Coriander leaves and grated Coconut are added to this preparation. Also fine rice powder may be added for thickening. Add Sugar & Salt for taste. Boil this preparation on mid flame for a few minutes & serve it hot.

Now a much simplified version of “KOKAM KADHI / GOAN SOLKADHI” has been made available by “M/s Samartha Products ” in an solar dehydrated form, which is much much easier to prepare. It relieves you from the hassle of making available all the ingredients, since these all are already included in the pre-mix. You have to just boil the contents for a few minutes and the famous “Kokam Kadhi” is ready to be served.
The aromas, textures & taste of the “Kokam Kadhi” / “Goan Solkadhi” will appease your taste buds for sure.

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