Konkan Cuisines

Konkan region is an boon to the Indian nation because of its diversified flora & fauna, its cultural traditions and specifically for its Konkan cuisines.
Lets get a focus on its traditional Konkani cuisines which are very special due to the unique components used for its preparation. The fertile sea-shore belt cultivates some exotic fruits and herbs and the cuisines have these unique ingredients as their base component.
One of the exotic fruits grown in the Konkan region is Garcinia Indica , also known as Kokam or Ratamba in the regional language.
These seasonal fruits having an tangy sour flavour is used in various forms such as in making syrups, it’s dry fleshy skins used in gravies and also to make the famous Solkadhi as well as Kokam kadhi.
Kokam fruits have a deep purple pink colour pigments & this colour is reflected in the famous appitzier drink “Kokam Solkadhi” and “Kokam Kadhi”.
Solkadhi is preferably consumed in a chilled form whereas Kokam kadhi is taken immediately after cooking, in a hot form. Both the cuisines have excellent health benefits and apart from being an appetizer drink, it serves major part of the regular meals which helps in easy digestion of the food. It is a must must recepie , consumed specially long with non-veg meals, which also adds a taste to the overall delicacies.
So that’s all for today, we will be looking forward to the preparation and making of our “Konkan Cuisines “ in my coming blogs.

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